NYC Upper West Side luxury apartment: part 2

Sneak a peek at the stunning bedrooms and office in this 1920s NYC apartment.

We’re back for part two of our revamp on this NYC apartment renovation that we’ve dubbed “Structural and the City” due to all of the structural parts of the home that we had to work around. For this post, we’re bringing you past the red tape and into the more private rooms of the home.

The cozy redone home office

First up, the office. The difficulty for this room was its size. It is a pretty small room, so we struggled with utilizing all the space we could without it feeling too crowded. We decided to do a specialty finish on the walls and ceiling called Gray Lusterstone. This cement tone with a slight shimmer was a fun choice for this room since it kept it in the neutral family like the rest of the house, but it gave it a little something extra. For some seating, a darling ivy-green futon was nestled into the corner. While it was big, it was on the slimmer and lower end height-wise for a sofa, which helped the space not feel too jammed with things. On the wall above it, a wooden framed, oversized mirror sat, balancing the wall space with the sofa’s short stature. Because of the limited space, we went with a custom-stained oak bookcase. To fit the room, it was thin and tall, with some curved sections to incorporate some sculptural elements. A bit of closed storage was needed, so we designed drawers with leather fronts. Moving to the star of the show, we have the desk. It was slim and ergonomic to balance out the heavier items on the other side of the room and was a sleek revamp on a classic look. Made of thick walnut and brass, this sturdy desk sat beside a window, grabbing some natural light. As for the desk chair, we went with a really unique Scandinavian chair with such an organic and sculptural design that fed off the bookcase wonderfully. Finishing the room off, we grabbed some minimalist sconces that gave a warm glow with the natural sunlight that the windows provided.

For some adventure, take a step into the guest room. Again in this room, we faced the challenge of working around a small space. The client wanted a queen size bed, but the room had some interesting structural stuff that we had to work around, including two bump-outs, two HVAC units, and a beam. To get the queen bed and a beautiful design, we knew that the first thing we needed to address was balance. The beam on the ceiling threw off the symmetry of the bedroom since it didn’t connect to the column. We chose to extend the beam and match it up with the column so it was more visually pleasing and felt much more purposeful. Since the wall that had the bump-outs and HVAC units was so much visually heavier, we decided to paint it white. The other walls got the same specialty luster finish that we used in the office but in the gold shade. This all distracted from the weight of the wall and gave it an even look. Against this bright gold, we grabbed an earthy Brazilian bedframe by Sossego. Because of the sheer size of the bed, we needed small nightstands that would fit perfectly. We chose some Italian ones made up of walnut and leather that wrapped around the corners of the bedroom. A statement piece, this convex stainless steel mirror was placed above the bed, providing some depth and interest to the room and matching the circular imagery found in the bed frame. Two industrial-esque sconces sat on each side of the bed, one casting some ambient light and the other a reading light. Finally, to complete the room, we got a wonderful piece of custom artwork that perfectly fit into the weird curvature that matched the walls and had an etched map of a location that was special for the client.

Guest bedroom: 3d rendering

Finally, we have the primary bedroom. Once again, we were met with some annoying beams on the ceiling that weren’t even and threw off the room. Our challenge was how to make it look less obvious. We decided to paint them so they would blend in with the ceiling, that way, they would be less noticeable, and there would be interesting things going on in the room to distract from them. We painted the ceiling a metallic silver that dripped down the wall that the bed was against. On all of the walls, we had a custom horizontal strie finish of gray and cream tones that were mixed. The metallic against the strie kept everything in the world of the neutrals that the client was comfortable with while adding some interest and fun. The bed was made custom with brass and leather accents and had a hint of purple to it. Similarly, there were two nightstands on either side of the bed that were also made with brass and leather accents. Slightly above them, there were two white and circular sconces that provided a gorgeous glow in this calming oasis. Bringing out the slight purple in the bed frame, the window had sheer curtains in the color Rosewood which provided a lovely softness to the overall look. Across from the bed sat a cozy armchair and a custom-made dresser. The dresser is made of white oak, had custom lucite legs with handles that had white Moonstone inserts, resembling jewelry. Atop it sat an Italian table lamp with a travertine base and a transparent glass sphere that was so chic. Altogether, this room highlighted comfort and calm with some intricate details that brought in more interest.

Although these more private spaces are not open to everyone, if you are lucky enough to snag a peek, you will see the beauty and artistry that lies in each one. The rooms are unique while still tying together beautifully due to their shared elements and color palettes. They are all truly stunning and set the mood for life in them, which is why it is so important to prioritize design as it sets the tone for how you live in your home. This is one of our favorite projects and we are so thrilled to have shared it with you.

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