A Dining Room Restoration

To start anew, you don't need to get rid of all the old. Find out how we designed this luxurious moody dining room around furniture pieces that the client wanted to reuse.

A previous client of ours called us in again to refresh their dining room. They loved the product of our time together so much that they knew we were the right company for this job.

This Glen Rock family was not satisfied with their dining room. It had stripes on the walls that disliked but didn’t know what to replace them with. The light fixture didn’t fit the space and held the room back on its potential. The room lacked a balance that it desperately needed which we sought to repair. They found the room boring and unattractive but were lost on what they should do to fix it. They wanted a gorgeous place to entertain and were ready to invest in nicer pieces now that their children were grown but didn’t know how to achieve this. Luckily, they had our expertise to guide them. 

Dining room before

A challenge for this project was working with existing furniture in our design. The family wanted to keep their black sideboard cabinet as well as their matching dining table. This forced us to base the design around those pieces and create a space that was better suited for them and the client. As mentioned earlier, balance was really needed in this space. These pieces that the family wanted to keep were very large and rustic and had a really heavy energy. The original space did not counter this which led to an unsuccessful design, so we knew that we must. 

The elevations of our designs

For our home design, we brought in elements that had a lightness to them to counter the weight of the furniture we had and establish a truly cohesive space. We opted for pieces that really spoke to the elegance that they wanted to create in their home. Replacing the lack of lighting previously, we grabbed a crystal linear chandelier. This piece was both delicate and rough, with the simple strand of small crystal balls, offset by the heavier, yet still dainty, chain that was holding it in place. It even had dimmable lighting, perfect for the entertaining that they wanted to do. We needed even more light to have a brightness in the room, so we added these beautiful lamps which sat atop the sideboard. White with a rough, rocky base, the lamps had some heaviness of their own that worked with the room due to its contrast in color from all the dark hues. Slim, gray upholstered chairs were the move to neutralize the weight of the table and add a sleek finish.

Setting up the lamps, our chandelier, and getting the chair delivered.

Throughout this project, we really had to be cognizant of our client. They were not drawn to color and instead loved textures and neutrals. Thus, we wanted to bring in many textures and avoid colors while also gaining the balance that we craved. One way we did this was through the addition of a tan leather chair at the head of the table. While it still stayed in the neutral palette, it gave a pop of warmth and color which worked with the darkness of the table and other chairs. A favorite of ours, we used a wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries that brought in a fun and exciting texture while also not making your head spin. For a small but subtle touch of color, we added some artwork to grace the wall across from the sideboard. To tie to all together was an oversized mirror frame. With this addition, daylight in the room was extended, bouncing in from the window and off the mirror. Its industrial nature with a touch of refinery and texture made all the elements mesh from elements into a cohesive masterpiece of a room. 

The new and improved dining room

With this new dining room look, the client got a space that accomplished everything that they had hoped for. We gave it a clear direction and were able to create all that they wanted and needed. Holding a newfound balance, we are sure this room will last our client for years to come. Don’t just take our word for it, take theirs:

We handle every little details - no rock left unturn!


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