A Luxurious living room in pastel colors.

Glen Rock Living Room

Laliberte Interiors was recently retained to transform a living room in Glen Rock. Our goal was to create a beautiful, purposeful space that would accommodate a cocktail gathering for friends as well as an evening of relaxed family downtime, complete with popcorn and Netflix.

Upon our first visit, we learned that the room was rarely used due to its lack of functionality. The furniture did not work properly in the space, resulting in interrupted traffic flow and potential tripping hazards.

During our consultation, it became crystal clear that every inch of space needed to be thoughtfully planned out. We went to work by interviewing the homeowners, measuring the area, and creating detailed 3D renderings to take the guesswork out of the project’s requirements.

Since the home has traditional millwork details, we wanted to harmonize its architecture with the owner’s desire for modern furnishings. By selecting transitional pieces that suited the room’s layout and character, we created a soft, blended style that worked well with the home’s traditional construction.

We commissioned our favorite custom furniture company to design and build a large sectional sofa crafted out of an exquisite Crypton stain-resistant moss-green plush upholstery that embodies durability and beauty. The sectional has a large ottoman on one end, creating the perfect niche for a quiet midday nap!

Bespoke 3-dimensional artwork by Sonia Noir and an abstract print in muted tones were selected to add interest and color to the Benjamin Moore Gray Owl wall surfaces. We chose striking custom pillows in a soft, rich palette to pick up the hues of the framed art, which was illuminated with museum-quality lighting.

A glass-top console table creates a clean, transparent surface on which guests may perch a glass of sparkling Prosecco. A bold, color-drenched coffee table echoes the weightless glass surface of the console, while its cobalt blue shade adds substantial balance to the lighter tones in the room.

A custom made 100% wool area rug featuring soothing, circular rhythms is soft underfoot and goes well with the soothing tones of the walls and trim.

Our initial design was immediately approved and lauded without revisions. The final reveal featured a space that was gorgeous, functional, and inviting. We achieved the perfect layout, improved the traffic flow, and added much-needed storage pieces for the bar area. Working with these delightful homeowners was a valuable exercise in combining new design features with the home’s existing elements. We invested a great deal of time understanding the structure of the space and creating a detailed plan before commencing work so that our client’s tastes would be in harmony with the home's architecture. When you do your homework, the results are amazing!

We handle every little details - no rock left unturn!


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