Don’t be afraid of the Dark!

A Breathtaking basement transformation.

Laliberte Interiors recently transformed an empty, finished basement in Glen Rock to accommodate and entertain one family’s friends and relatives.

The unfinished area opened up to the backyard and adjoined the family’s lower-level home theatre. We were commissioned to create the flow needed to bring all of that entertainment space together!

At Laliberte Interiors, we firmly believe that the foundation of any project is creating an accurate and comprehensive plan. With precise measurements and detailed 3D drawings, the homeowners can envision the entire completed space. We lay it all out--right down to the paint, tile, and grout colors. (By the way, all of the images you see here are 3D renderings…now that’s detailed planning!)

Some homeowners shy away from dark colors in lower-level rooms, fearing that the space will feel gloomy or closed in. However, with the right touches, a dramatic, dark color scheme fosters a magnificent setting for entertaining.

We made a complete kitchenette area, comprised of the bar, sink, microwave, mini-refrigerator, and cabinetry that we installed. Adding a little splash of shine to the coffee table and other hard surfaces, lighting brings a touch of glamour for “movie night” in the adjacent home theater. Here’s a surprise--the theater is now accessible through a newly installed hidden door bookshelf panel next to the bar area. Just like in the movies!

Sometimes, the weather is too beautiful to stay indoors, so we redesigned the floor plan to add a new egress to the backyard patio and pool area. We tucked in a modern bench to accommodate beach bags and a white lacquered maple-veneer dresser with plenty of storage for towels, swimsuits, and sunscreen. A large sectional sleeper sofa comfortably accommodates longer-term guests.

Over the years, we have done several redesigns for these homeowners and enjoyed learning their lifestyle, habits, and tastes. They loved our initial design and only made minimal changes. We were able to commence work immediately. “Lisa, you outdid yourself” was their comment upon signing off on the design. Now, that’s a great curtain call!

We handle every little details - no rock left unturn!


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