Meet The Founder

From Moscow to London to New York to NJ

My Mayflower story

Today I'm celebrating a special day.
Six years ago, I took a plane from London Heathrow and landed in New York, right before Columbus day. The start a brand-new life that brought me from Moscow to the East Village NY, via London, down to Glen Rock NJ.

I never imagined myself leaving Moscow, a city I truly love. I never imagined I'd be building a company from the ground up, getting featured by the US Chamber of Commerce, and serving so many wonderful clients in a new country that I can proudly call home.

Life is full of surprises and opportunities, you never know what will happen next and I truly embrace that!
I want to congratulate my 6-year-younger self, who was certainly scared, but had the guts to follow her husband in this wonderful adventure! I don't think I'd be able to fit all my belongings in one suitcase if I had to do it again!

We handle every little details - no rock left unturn!


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