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The bathroom where functionality meets form.

Our next project led us back to Glen Rock, where a client contracted us to redesign the bathroom off of the main bedroom. They didn’t want an ornate space with design elements just for the sake of having them. The client craved both practicality and zen working side by side in their bathroom. They knew they wanted a special place so they called us and we stepped in to fufill their dreams.

The primary bathroom design that the clients envisioned was completely different from the reality of their original bathroom. It was quite outdated and wasn’t the prettiest to look upon. The mood of the bathroom was sullen and boring, lacking the calming element that was called for in our design. More than the design, the lack of functionality stood out in the room. Despite being a relatively large room, the layout was all over the place. Everything was tucked in corners, making each element feel incredibly small while there was a large amount of unutilized, unnecessary, open space in the center. Additionally, the largest element in the room, the tub, was not used by the family. There was a window in the space, but it was too small in the room. Below is the original layout of the room.

The existing floor plan

Another struggle in the original bathroom was the lack of storage. The closet in the bathroom wasn’t an effective use of space and didn’t hold much. The vanity, while in the his and hers style of double sinks, had far too little counter space and not enough room for their things. This storage was especially necessary considering two people were sharing the bathroom. Thus, we got to work. 

The before of the primary bathroom.

Below is our proposed layout. We wanted to take charge of the space in a much more effective way. We immediately scratched the tub since it was not used. This gave us a lot more room to play. 

Our proposed floor plan.

As experienced bathroom designers, we were up for this layout challenge. We expanded the showers to be his and hers, with one shower head on each side and plenty of room. To make access easier and far more enjoyable, we put the shower valves on the wall facing outward so they no longer had to reach all the way into the shower to turn the water on. In order to make room for the shower, we removed the closet. This left us with a need for more storage. We expanded the countertops of the vanity and added large storage underneath it. Now for the surprising one: we added storage above the toilet. While from the outside it doesn’t look like much, it actually holds quite a lot. These changes didn’t just add a little more storage, but doubled the amount that the bathroom previously had. With the addition of the storage cabinet, the toilet had to move forward a bit, pulling it into the space and out of the tight corner. The caused us to have to move the door to the bathroom as well. With this revised plan, we were able to maximize the quality and functionality of the space.

Along with our layout, we created 3D renderings to showcase the multiple moods of the bathroom. The client really emphasized that they wanted this room to be special and interesting, yet neutral, and relaxing, yet sensible. We found that one of the ways we could demonstrate this was through the lighting. We got a light fixture made from the Italian brand Vibia that beautifully dangled in between the two sinks. One lighting scenario featured a morning glow dancing across the bathroom, bringing a welcoming call to start your morning off beautifully. The evening light plays magically against the rich warmth of the light fixtures, creating a space of serenity and calm with intrigue.

A 3D rendering of the countertop space with daylight.
A 3D rendering showcasing the bathroom storage and shower in the evening light.
A 3D rendering of the inside of the shower.

With all of the bones out of the way, there was one thing left: design! We chose a simple, fresh, and modern look for this room. The walls were painted a calming neutral, balancing the white and wood of the rest of the room. For the shower, we searched to find the best stone installers in Bergen county who were experienced in porcelain, a unique material, and ended up with gorgeous porcelain slabs perpendicular to a timeless glass door. Stone stood behind the Toto smart toilet with a walnut cabinet that lay amongst it. The sinks, seen at a designer showroom in Paramus, seem to float over the sleek custom European cabinetry and coupled with the stunning light fixture, it seems the whole rooms is captured in a lovely weightlessness. Coupled with the natural light that a new, large window invites in, this bathroom is a paradise, whether getting ready for an eventful day or winding down after one. In this primary bathroom design, our client’s personality shines; their organized nature, clean aura, and european roots all tie into fundamental elements that shape this luxurious room.

The spectacular after of the bathroom.

This combination of aesthetic, layout, and lighting gives way to an idyllic atmosphere of relaxation. The new and improved layout has allowed for a much more functional room filled with practicality, while the design has created beauty:

“Lisa is an incredible designer - very experienced in both design and uniquely as an architect. This combination is very powerful - it means she can create world class designs that are both inspiring and timeless - while at the same time understanding the construction process so well that the designs are possible to implement and very clearly detailed for the builders. She was truly a great partner in our complete gut and renovation of our home - working with this iteratively until we arrived at designs we all loved. I cannot recommend Lisa's work more highly - she is truly a unique individual with incredible talent.”

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