The Honest Cost of a Family Room Redesign

Watch as we turn this room into a space of function, fun, and flair, plus the complete costs of working with a designer.

Let’s talk about the taboo: cost. Many people feel it is impolite to speak about the cost, leading to some confusion on the client’s end when trying to figure out how much they have to budget to get what they are seeking. It is so important for all parties to remove that stigma and be upfront about the expenses. So, at the end of the article, check out how much it costs to decorate the typical family room with a designer.

The original family room

This is a family room from our recent project in Bergen County, NJ. A lot wasn’t working in this space: from the furniture to the layout to the aesthetic, a fresh slate was needed. The furniture was out of scale and too small for the room, leaving it feeling empty and cluttered all at the same time. The layout wasn’t effective for the space, leaving large areas bare and forgotten. The decor was dated, minute, and needed a refresh. The client also expressed that their main goals for the room were to watch TV in it and to have room for guests.

While the space itself was lovely, it did pose some challenges. It was connected to the foyer and the living room, leaving two door openings that we had to work around. Since the layout was so complex, we created a design that offered the flexibility that the room lacked. We chose a spacious sectional sofa equipped with two ottomans. These ottomans were perfect to work with the setup of the space and accomplish the client’s desires. The family could move them any way they wanted, to either act as a footrest for maximum comfort when watching TV or as a chair, to create more seating when entertaining. Additionally, there was a cozy tan armchair to the side of the couch that helped make the room feel more full. This way, we could make the most out of the space.

Look at this magnificent redesign!

The current state of the room was not serving itself, so we sought to rectify it. We painted the walls a stunning blue that really warmed up the space and made it so much more relaxing. Against this dark blue, we added in some sandy-toned neutrals to the sofa and armchair. You can even see some sandy colors in the artwork! Before, the walls were stark, but as we alluded to, we added some artwork to liven up the room and give it some personality. We opted for the Samsung Frame TV in place of their old one as it really blended seamlessly with the artwork. The stained mahogany coffee table and marble side tables accented the room, and the blue of the walls reemerged in a pillow on the armchair. To round it out was a breathtaking lighting fixture hanging on the wall behind the sofa. Its industrial touch balanced out the rest of the room in such a fun way and the tubing matched the black of the tables.

Together, with a new design suited for the space and furniture that fit it and was beautiful, the room really found its stride. It was gorgeous and held tons of seating for potential guests, while also having the warmth and comfort when it was time to rest and watch some TV to end the night. This truly catered to all of the family’s needs, even in the material of the sofa; it was performance fabric, so it was easy to clean since they have young kids and a dog. With our help, our client was able to get a space they had long wished for.

Here is a breakdown of all the pricing for the furnishings and decor. This can be used as a guide to see what redoing a family room would cost with the expertise of a designer.

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